Ship from China to Amazon FBA. 6 Most Important FAQs Analyzed.

The launch of Amazon FBA service has been impacting the whole online-business world. More and more e-commerce business owners are choosing Amazon FBA as their fulfillment choice, thanks to the great convenience brought to the buyers.

As a sourcing agent, we are also receiving many inquiries about shipping to Amazon warehouses from our customers every day. Here we have collected and chosen the 7 most frequently asked questions and share our knowledge and insight on these typical questions.

If you are a new Amazon seller, thinking of shipping from China to Amazon FBA, you can find all you need to know in this complete guide.

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    How to Ship from China to Amazon FBA Warehouse?
    Which Shipping Method Should I Choose to Ship from China to Amazon FBA?
    How Do I Package and Label the Goods for Shipping to Amazon FBA?
    How to Send Directly from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?
    How to Track the Shipment to Amazon FBA from China?
    What Can I Do if Goods are Lost after Arriving at Amazon Warehouse? (Real Case Analyzed)

 1.How to Ship from China to Amazon FBA Warehouse?
What is Amazon FBA?
Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) is the fulfillment service offered by Amazon, in the hope of making selling easier for its sellers. With FBA service, you can store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and Amazon staff will be responsible for picking, packing, shipping and handling all customer inquiries and returns for these products.
3 Ways to Ship Your Goods from China to Amazon FBA
If you are an Amazon seller who imports from China, once you decide to use Amazon FBA service, the first question you need to fix is to determine the way of shipping your goods from China to Amazon FBA warehouse.Basically there are 3 ways as shown below, we’ll dive into each way, elaborating its pros and cons, so that you can choose the most suitable way for your specific situation.

Method 1: Direct Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Here when we talk about direct shipping, we refer to direct from supplier to Amazon FBA. As an overseas importer, this is the easiest and most convenient way to use. If you compare with below another two methods, you’ll also find it the most cheapest method.

Once you decide to use direct shipping, either it is the supplier who arrange your shipment to Amazon warehouse, or you find your own FBA freight forwarder. If both you and the supplier cannot find an FBA forwarder, you can consider shipping via Amazon prep service company as discussed below.

While choosing to use direct shipping, the next step is to choose the shipping method from express, air freight or sea freight, which you can find more details in chapter 2.

One thing we need to suggest here is that if you use express, like UPS or Fedex, then it’s best to ship directly from China to Amazon FBA, because express rates are the same all over the US and no other extra domestic charges will occur, compared with shipping to your home first or using a 3rd party company.

If you use sea freight, you’ll need to consider other factors to decide the best method. Keep reading and you’ll know how.

Method 2: Ship to Your Home First, then to Amazon Warehouse

Given the feature of Amazon FBA service, if you do not ship your goods to your home, you’ll never have the chance to see your products. This is also the most obvious advantage of shipping your goods to your home first, allowing you to touch and check your products.

As such, if any quality problems are identified, you can fix it at first hand before your customers purchase them, eliminating the risks of bad customer reviews.

Sounds great, right? However the above advantage also comes with a price, or additional high transportation cost from your house to Amazon warehouse. So before choosing the method, be sure to check about the nearest Amazon warehouse to your home, if the transportation cost is acceptable and not affecting much of the product profit, you can definitely choose this method.

Method 3: Ship Via Prep Service Company, then to Amazon Warehouse

A prep service company is a 3rd party company who can help you handle import customs clearance, transport goods to Amazon warehouse from your supplier, conduct product inspection, package and label your goods as per Amazon specific requirements.

As you’ll learn from below packaging chapter, Amazon has its own specific packaging and labelling requirements, it is a bit complicated and not all suppliers can do that, so if your supplier is not experienced or trained in FNSKU labelling, and you do not want to do it yourself, then shipping to a prep service company is a good choice.

a. American Prep Service Company

There are many such companies on the west coast of the US, such as California. These companies help Amazon sellers ship their goods from China to Los Angeles.

The advantag

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